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Mr. Right Wanted
Mr. Right Wanted promo poster
Genre Comedy
Written by Essay Liu 劉梓潔
Wang Li Wen 王莉雯
Tsai Yi He 蔡顗禾
Zhang Ying Min 張英珉
Directed by Lien Yi-chi 連奕琦
Starring Sonia Sui
Christopher Lee
Kuo Shu-yao
Jerry Huang
Hans Chung 鍾承翰
Chang Shao Huai 張少懷
Emerson Tsai
Opening theme No Sincerity No Love 無誠勿愛 by 831 八三夭
Ending theme What Once Was Lost, Now Is Found 半婚迷 by Shi Shi 孫盛希
Country of origin Taiwan
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 20
Executive producer(s) Pan Yi Qun 潘逸群
Fang Ke Ren 方可人
Producer(s) Zhang Shu Yuan 張淑媛
Production location(s) Taiwan
Camera setup Multi camera
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) UDN Productions 聯合互動傳播股份有限公司
Original network TTV
Picture format SDTV (480i)
HDTV (1080i)
First shown in Taiwan
Original release 7 November 2014 (2014-11-07) – 9 January 2015 (2015-01-09)
Preceded by Apple in Your Eye
Followed by The New World 新世界
Related shows The Personals
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Mr. Right Wanted (Chinese: 徵婚啟事; pinyin: zheng hun qi shi; literally "Marriage Wanted") is a 2014 Taiwanese comedy, romance television series produced by UDN Productions, starring Sonia Sui, Christopher Lee, Kuo Shu-yao, Jerry Huang, Hans Chung, Chang Shao Huai, and Emerson Tsai.[1] Filming began on December 23, 2013 and finished on June 7, 2014. First original broadcast began November 7, 2014 on TTV channel airing on Friday nights from 10:00-12:00 pm.


When a woman tackles online dating, is it for work, is it to get back at her ex-boyfriend, or is it to fill a void in her life? Li Hai Ning (Sonia Sui) is a 32-year-old editor-in-chief of a publishing company that is struggling to find a bestseller. Fang Cheng Hao (Jerry Huang), Hai Ning’s boyfriend of nine years, is the only author doing well in her company but even his book sales have begun to stagnate. As Hai Ning is preparing for Cheng Hao’s new book, she discovers some major misdeeds that he has done and Hai Ning becomes enraged. Leaving him, Hai Ning also decides to write the new book herself – a book about online dating and marriage – with a simple online ad that states: “Female, 32 years old. Looking for men who are upright, kind and willing to communicate. Hoping to be friends first before marriage.” As Hai Ning begins to meet with an endless stream of potential marriage candidates and then meets Benjamin (Christopher Lee), will he help Hai Ning finish her the experiment and the book?[2]


Main cast[edit]

Supporting cast[edit]

  • Kao Meng-chieh (zh) 高盟傑 as Xie Jin Fa (Ah Fa) 謝晉發(阿發)
  • Dai Ruo Mei 戴若梅 as Zhang Mei Feng (Ah Feng) 張美鳳(阿鳳)
  • Fang Jing 方靖 as Wen Bei Si (Bei Bei) 溫蓓思(貝貝)
  • Debbie Huang (zh) 黃荻鈞 as Liu Ya Zhu 柳雅竹

Extended cast[edit]

  • Patty Wu (zh) 吳怡霈 as Pei Pei 佩佩
  • He Man Ning 何曼寧 as General Manager of Star Publishing
  • Huang Yan Bo 黃彥博 as Tian Tian 田天
  • Cheng Cheng-chun (zh) 程政鈞 as Tian Xin and Tian Tian’s father
  • Liang You-nan (zh) 梁又南 as Tian Xin and Tian Tian’s mother
  • Lin Zhi Yi 林致毅 as Pei Pei's husband
  • Chen Wei Min 陳偉民 as second-hand bookstore owner
  • Tsai Jia Yin 蔡嘉茵 as job applicant
  • Qian Wan Jing 錢婉靜 as job applicant
  • Liang Ya Qing 梁亞青 as job applicant
  • Chen Xiu Ying 程秀瑛 as Mao Zhen Yu's mother
  • Wang De Sheng 王德生 as Mao Zhen Yu's father
  • Lin Hong Ru 林鴻儒 as snack bar owner
  • Xu Yi Xin 許義昕 as violinist
  • Yen Yi-wen (zh) 嚴藝文 as Qiu Xin Yin (Xiao Qiu) 邱馨芸(小邱)
  • Zhong Yao 鍾瑤 as Paul's ex-girlfriend
  • Amiya Lee (zh) 李律 as Paul's junior schoolmate
  • Fu Zi Xuan 傅子瑄 as female military instructor
  • Gao Tian Fa 高天發 as boss of debt collection company
  • Helena Hsu (zh) 許乃涵 as Zhang Jia Qi (Xiao Qi) 張佳琪(小琪)
  • Zheng Zhong Min 鄭仲珉 as bartender
  • Chen Pin Chun 陳品淳 as Xu Tian Ming's late wife
  • Wu Shi Yang 吳世陽 as Mr. Lun's butler
  • Zhang Yi De 張一德 as Mr. Lun's chauffeur
  • Guan Jin Zong 管謹宗 as Director Ye
  • Amanda as Adele
  • Chen Jian Kai 陳建凱 as copyright agent
  • Gordon Yang (zh) 楊達敬 as Yang Da Jing 楊達敬(Gordon)(voice only) / Xu Lei's senior
  • Chen Zeng Liang 陳增良 / Ke Hong Zhi 柯泓志 (voice only) as real Sun Guo Fu 孫國復
  • Tatyana as Lena
  • Liu Guan Ting 劉冠廷 as Jian Si (Kenji) 健司(Kenji)
  • Sun Ruei (zh) 孫睿 as Kenji's wife
  • Li Li Hao 李笠豪 as boxing match competitor
  • Wu Zhen Ya 吳震亞 as boxing match referee
  • Qiu Chun Fu 邱春福 as Rocky's father
  • Wu Bi Lian 吳碧蓮 as Rocky's mother
  • Zhang Wen Song 張文松 as Director Xu
  • Huang Xiang Yu 黃湘郁 as Xu Tai 徐太
  • Chang Chia-hui (zh) 張家慧 as Ye Xiao Lin 葉曉琳
  • Qian Xiao Li 錢曉麗 as Anna 安娜
  • Wang En De 王恩德 as producer
  • Feng Wei 馮薇 as spa hotel staff
  • Kenji Chen (zh) 陳子胤 as wedding shop employee
  • Lang Tsu-yun (zh) 郎祖筠 as Hao Bi Jiao 郝碧嬌
  • Lin Dong Xu 林東緒 as Hao Bi Jiao's boyfriend
  • Zhang Yu Huan 張語歡 as Xiao Ma's sister
  • Huang Yu Ting 黃鈺婷 as wedding shop employee
  • Chu De-kang (zh) 朱德剛 as priest
  • Chen Wan Hao 陳萬號 as restaurant owner
  • Huang Yu Qing 黃玉麒 as lottery line owner
  • Li Min Jie 李旻潔 as hospital volunteer
  • Li Jun Sheng 李俊陞 as hospital volunteer
  • Aggie Hsieh (zh) 謝沛恩 as Xiao Lu 小綠
  • Lu Fu Ling 呂馥伶 as Mickey
  • Li Pei Xuan 李姵璇 as drugs buyer
  • Zhang Wei Ling 張瑋玲 as You Xin 宥心
  • Yu Yue Ru 余月如 as motel front desk clerk
  • Zhuo Fang Qi 卓芳琦 as school student
  • Lin Xu Fan 林栩帆 as Xiao Qiang's coworker
  • Wan Zong Yu 萬宗瑜 as Xiao Qiang's coworker
  • Duan Zheng Ping 段正平 as physician
  • Esther Yang 陽詠存 as Li Yi Ping 李依萍
  • Prince Star (zh) (aka Nick Yen) 星星王子 as astrology expert
  • Zhuang Yi Ting 莊貽婷 as restaurant waiter
  • Zhou Si Ting 周思廷 as passenger
  • Chen Yu-shan (zh) 陳玉珊 as thief
  • Ding Pei 丁霈 as Fiona
  • Xu Yi Shao 許逸紹 as bicycle courier manager
  • Amanda Chu (zh) 朱芯儀 as Wei Wei 薇薇
  • Si Ta Fan 斯塔凡 as copyright agent
  • Wang Han Zhe 王漢哲 as Lei Ti Sha 蕾緹莎(Laetitia Huggings)
  • Shi Shang You 史尚右 as Taiwan broker
  • Hong Yun Zhu 洪韵筑 as translator
  • Kerr Hsu (zh) 許時豪 as Rui Huan's college friend
  • Su Ting Hui 蘇庭卉 as Dr. Lee
  • Wang Han Zhe 王漢哲 as Dr. Lee's assistant
  • Bebe Chang (zh) 杜姸 as model of Chuan Bo Gong Si
  • Lien Yi-chi (zh) 連奕琦 as director of Chuan Bo Gong Si
  • Li Jia Heng 李佳衡 as 有詞美少女
  • Yang Ming (zh) 楊閔 as Lin Yun (Teacher Lin) 林韻(林老師)
  • Wu Ying Xuan 吳映軒 as household registration office staff
  • Ma Jing Yi 馬敬宜 as Hai Ning's roommate
  • Yang Qian Yao 楊千瑤 as Hai Ning's roommate
  • Wang Jing Jiang 王靖江 as second-hand bookstore owner
  • Cui Ruo Qiang 崔若強 as obstetricians
  • Yu Yuan Long 余元竉 as Ah Feng's husband



Mr. Right Wanted
Original TV Soundtrack (OST)
Soundtrack album by Various artists
Released 05 December 2014
Genre Mandopop
Language Mandarin
Label Rock Records

Mr. Right Wanted Original TV Soundtrack (OST) (徵婚啟事 電視原聲帶) was released on December 5, 2014 by various artists under Rock Records. It contains 16 tracks total, in which 4 songs are various instrumental versions of the songs. The opening theme is track 1 "No Sincerity No Love 無誠勿愛" by 831 八三夭, while the closing theme is track 2 "What Once Was Lost, Now Is Found 半婚迷" by Shi Shi 孫盛希.

Track listing[edit]

1."No Sincerity No Love" (無誠勿愛)831 八三夭3:37
2."What Once Was Lost, Now Is Found" (半婚迷)Shi Shi 孫盛希4:23
3."Forgiving Is Not Good" (原諒不美好)Yisa Yu 郁可唯3:58
4."Yes, I Do"Shi Shi 孫盛希3:45
5."What Once Was Lost, Now Is Found - Jazz ver." (所以我繼續聽著爵士對婚姻著迷 (半婚迷爵士版 - 配樂))Instrumental2:51
6."Innocent" (天真)Alex To 杜德偉4:04
7."Suddenly" (忽然之間)Karen Mok 莫文蔚3:21
8."Never Let You Be Alone" (不再讓你孤單)Bobby Chen 陳昇5:33
9."No Sincerity No Love - Tenderness ver." (無誠,就請勿打擾好女孩們 (無誠勿愛柔情版 - 配樂))Instrumental3:01
10."Love Me, Don’t Go" (愛我別走)A-Yue Chang4:44
11."Love-ing" (戀愛 ing)Mayday 五月天2:49
12."No Sincerity No Love - Playful ver." (俗氣的美,還挺俏皮的 (無誠勿愛俏皮版 - 配樂))Instrumental2:55
13."A Story Teller" (有故事的人)Emil Chau 周華健4:38
14."Not Long Ago" (從前)Wan Fang 萬芳5:08
15."Dearest" (最愛)Sylvia Chang 張艾嘉4:43
16."What Once Was Lost, Now Is Found - Piano ver." (人,為什麼要結婚 ? (半婚迷鋼琴版 - 配樂))Instrumental3:06


Songs not featured on the official soundtrack album.

  • Sleep by Grayshot


Network Country Airing Date Timeslot
TTV  Taiwan November 7, 2014 Friday 10:00-12:00 pm
(2 episodes back to back)
GTV November 8, 2014 Saturday 10:00-12:00 pm
(2 episodes back to back)
Channel U  Singapore November 23, 2014 Sunday 7:00-9:00 pm
(2 episodes back to back)
Astro Shuang Xing  Malaysia February 9, 2015 Sunday to Thursday 4:00-5:00 pm
Astro AEC August 10, 2015 Monday to Friday 4:00-5:00 pm

Episode ratings[edit]

Competing dramas on rival channels airing at the same time slot were:

Air Date Episode Episode Title Average Ratings Rank
Nov 7, 2014 1 Betray
0.78 4
2 Camouflage
Nov 14, 2014 3 Courage
0.75 4
4 Detached
Nov 21, 2014 5 Bear
0.75 4
6 The Only
Nov 28, 2014 7 Backup
1.07 3
8 Responsibility
Dec 5, 2014 9 Revenge
0.62 4
10 Accept
Dec 12, 2014 11 Perfect
0.66 4
12 Instant
Dec 19, 2014 13 Substitute
0.86 4
14 Destiny
Dec 26, 2014 15 Enthusiasm
-- 4
16 Missed
Jan 2, 2015 17 First Mind
-- 4
18 Admits
Jan 9, 2015 19 Condition
-- 4
20 Believe
Average ratings 0.77

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Ceremony Category Nominee Result
2015 50th Annual Golden Bell Awards Best Supporting Actor Chang Shao Huai Nominated
Best Lighting Xu Shi Ming Nominated


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