Mr. Stitch

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Mr. Stitch
Mr. Stitch.jpg
Directed byRoger Avary
Produced byRoger Avary
Rutger Hauer
Morgan Mason
Written byRoger Avary
StarringRutger Hauer
Wil Wheaton
Nia Peeples
Music bytomandandy
CinematographyTom Richmond
Edited bySloane Klevin
Release date
  • 1995 (1995)
CountryUnited States

Mr. Stitch is a 1995 science fiction film directed by Roger Avary and starring Rutger Hauer.[1][2]


Dr. Rue Wakeman and his team create a creature, Subject 3, from the skin and organs of multiple men and women. The creature has no memories but understands speech and selects the male gender for himself. He regularly meets with Dr. Elizabeth English to discuss his dreams which seem to be memories from minds of the sources of his body parts. The creature requests the Bible and Frankenstein for reading material but is only provided the Bible at first, thereafter naming himself Lazarus. He is later also given a copy of Frankenstein which includes an inscription written to Dr. English for her 30th birthday from Dr. Texarian, the former head of the project who was also one of the sources of Lazarus's body parts. Lazarus's distrust in Dr. Wakeman grows and he decides to escape from the facility where he is being held. He crawls through the ventilation shafts and overhears the doctors planning his termination in order to move ahead with the next stage of their research. He carjacks Dr. Jacobs and escapes from the security personnel in a car chase. He visits the home of Clay and Thorne, a father and son who were the source of some of his body parts, and tells their thoughts to the widow Sandy still living there. He then visits Dr. English and tells her the thoughts of Dr. Texarian. Lazarus returns to the facility and destroys the data being used to create Subject 4. He releases VX nerve gas in the room where Subject 4 is being held and kills General Hardcastle, the man running the project, as well as Subject 4 and himself as Dr. English watches from outside the room in tears. Dr. English leaves the facility and is later shown stitching together a new creature.



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