Mister Tinker in Oz

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Mr. Tinker In Oz
Mr. Tinker in Oz by James Howe
Author James Howe
Illustrator David Rose
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fantasy/Children's novel
Publisher Random House
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 64 pp
ISBN 0-394-97038-1
OCLC 11044733
LC Class PZ7.H83727 Mi 1985

Mister Tinker in Oz is an apocryphal Oz book, authored by James Howe and published in 1985 by Random House involving an inventor responsible for Tik-Tok the Clockwork man and Dorothy and their adventure in Oz.

Plot summary[edit]

One night in Kansas, Dorothy meets Ezra P. Tinker, the inventor of Tik-Tok the clockwork man, and he tells her the thousand year guarantee has just run down. With the help of Mister Tinker's speckoscope and Julius Quickscissors they return to Oz. They encounter a group of babies called the Widdlebits and trek across the bottomless swamp. Finally, they make it to the Emerald City, where Dorothy is able to be sent home once again.


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