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Mr. Meeble
Origin Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Genres Electronic, electronic rock, trip hop, post-rock
Years active 2005–present
Labels Absolute Motion
Members Devin Fleenor, Michael Plaster, Rick Heins

Mr. Meeble is an electronic rock band from Phoenix, Arizona formed in late 2005 by Devin Fleenor and Michael Plaster. The band has grown its fan base primarily via websites such as YouTube,[1] and continues to self-release music and videos on its label, Absolute Motion. They are highly regarded for their visually intense live shows, combining video projections, RGB lasers, and other custom-made visual devices to enhance the mix of electronics and live instrumentation.[2] A writer for described their sound as "coded into the musical matrix somewhere between Depeche Mode and Massive Attack".[3] In their own biography,[4] the band names Thom Yorke and Air as influences. Another journalist wrote "Mr. Meeble's sound falls somewhere between Radiohead and Stereolab".[5]


In the fall of 2011, Mr. Meeble set off on a tour of 11 European countries.[6] The tour was booked and organized by Devin Fleenor and included the following dates/venues:[7]

  • 03/09/11: Berlin, Germany - Session Café
  • 06/09/11: Poznan, Poland - Blue Note
  • 08/09/11: Warsaw, Poland - Klub Fabryka Kotłów
  • 09/09/11: Wroclaw, Poland - Klub Muzyczny Liverpool
  • 10/09/11: Prague, Czech - Club Kaštan
  • 13/09/11: Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Flying Circus Pub
  • 15/09/11: Bucharest, Romania - The Silver Church Club[8]
  • 17/09/11: Timisoara, Romania - Setup Club
  • 18/09/11: Novi Sad, Serbia - CK13
  • 19/09/11: Budapest, Hungary - Tündérgyár
  • 22/09/11: Vienna, Austria - B72
  • 24/09/11: Geneva, Switzerland - Le Cabinet
  • 25/09/11: Geneva, Switzerland - KAB | Usine
  • 01/10/11: Barcelona, Spain - Puerto Hurrako Sisters Bar
  • 04/10/11: Madrid, Spain - Sala Bar&Co
  • 07/10/11: Murcia, Spain - Sala Musik
  • 10/10/11: Porto, Portugal - Hard Club
  • 13/10/11: Frankfurt, Germany - Das Bett
  • 20/10/11: London, UK - The Dublin Castle



  • Never Trust the Chinese (2008, CD & digital Absolute Motion (USA))
  • Never Trust the Chinese (Limited) (2009, digital Absolute Motion (USA))


  • Non Assault Message Medium Enjoyment Maxi Single (2007, CD & digital Absolute Motion (USA))
  • Nostalgic for Now (2012, CD & digital Absolute Motion (USA))


  • Smoke & Mirrors (2010, DVD Absolute Motion (USA))

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