Mr S and the Secrets of Andorra's Box

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Mr S and the Secrets of Andorra's Box
AuthorPaul Howard
IllustratorAlan Clarke
Cover artistAlan Clarke
Country Ireland
SeriesRoss O'Carroll-Kelly
PublisherPenguin Books
Publication date
30 October 2008
Media typePaperback
Preceded byThis Champagne Mojito Is The Last Thing I Own 
Followed byRhino What You Did Last Summer 

Mr S and the Secrets of Andorra's Box is a 2008 novel by Irish journalist and author Paul Howard, and the eighth in the Ross O'Carroll-Kelly series.[1][2]


The title references Pandora's Box. "Mr S" is Frank Sinatra, who Ross' father drank with one night in the Shelbourne Hotel.


A newspaper article shows up telling everyone that Ross is coaching Andorra's next rugby game. Erika then realizes she is his sister.


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