Mr Twin Sister

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Mr Twin Sister
Mr. Twin Sister, 2011
Background information
OriginLong Island, United States
GenresChillwave, indie pop, dream pop, electronic, psychedelic pop[1]
Years active2008–present
Labels[Infinite Best Recordings, Double Six, Domino]
MembersGabe D'Amico
Eric Cardona
Andrea Estella
Udbhav "Dev" Gupta
Bryan Ujueta

Mr Twin Sister, formerly Twin Sister, is an American band from Long Island. Their music has been described as chill wave,[1] indie pop,[2][3] dream pop, and disco.[4] They have been compared to Cocteau Twins[5] and Portishead.[6] They have toured the US and Europe[7][8] and have so far released three EPs and three LPs.

The band members are singer Andrea Estella, keyboardist Dev Gupta, bassist Gabe D'Amico, guitarist-singer Eric Cardona, and drummer Bryan Ujueta.[3][1]


The band formed in 2008 when the five members of Twin Sister came together to work on Vampires With Dreaming Kids.[8] They relocated to Brooklyn where they built a small following.[2][9] Their EP 'Color Your Life' was released on Domino Records in the UK[10] and Infinite Best in the USA.[11]

Their song 'All Around And Away We Go' was voted No. 59 in the 2010 Pitchfork Media tracks of the year poll[12] and they were voted at No. 3 in the 'Best hope for 2011' section of the readers poll.[13]

The 2012 hip-hop hit 'The Recipe' by Kendrick Lamar featuring Dr. Dre and produced by Scoop Deville samples Twin Sister's song 'Meet the Frownies'.

Andrea Estella replaced Leighton Meester as Carrie Bishop in the Kickstarter funded Veronica Mars Movie (2014).[14]


Studio albums[edit]

  • In Heaven (September 27, 2011)
  • Mr Twin Sister (September 23, 2014)
  • Salt (October 25, 2018)


  • Vampires With Dreaming Kids (2008)[5]
  • Color Your Life (March, 2010)[10]
  • Split (2011)


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