Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr Drake

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Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr Drake
Studio album by
Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr Drake
LabelAlphabet Business Concern
Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr Drake chronology
Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr Drake
The Sea Nymphs

Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr Drake is an album performed by a side project of Cardiacs, created by Tim Smith, Sarah Smith and William D. Drake. At the time, the project itself was also known as "Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr Drake" but would later be renamed The Sea Nymphs.

The album was initially only available on cassette through the fan club and at concert venues. The first version of the cassette cover is dark with the logo printed in gold; the track list is handwritten. The second version has a purple satin design with a smaller gold logo; the track list is printed in gold. In 2004 it was re-released in its entirety on CD (still credited to "Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr Drake") via All My Eye And Betty Martin Music.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Little Creations"
  2. "Camouflage"
  3. "The Collar"
  4. "In a Waiting Room"
  5. "All the String"
  6. "Summer is-a-Coming In"
  7. "Too Many Colours"
  8. "Your Removal of Me"
  9. "A Treat from Mr Smith"
  10. "To My Piano from Mr Drake"
  11. "Dergo"
  12. "That's All"


  • Tim Smith - Guitar, Bass, Percussion and Vocals
  • Sarah Smith - Sax, Recorder, Percussion and Vocals
  • William D. Drake - Keyboards and Vocals