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Mrs. Butterworth's
Mrs. Butterworth's logo.svg
Product typeSyrup and baking mixes
OwnerPinnacle Foods
CountryUnited States
Introduced1961 (1961)
Previous ownersMrs. Butterworth's

Mrs. Butterworth's is an American brand of syrups and pancake mixes owned by ConAgra Foods. The syrups come in distinctive bottles shaped in the form of a matronly woman, Mrs. Butterworth. The syrup was introduced in 1961.[1] In 1999, the original glass bottles began appearing as plastic bottles.[2]


One of the main voice actresses for it included the late Mary Kay Bergman.[3]

In 2007, Mrs. Butterworth was used in a series of ads for GEICO, in which she helped an actual customer with her testimonial.[4]

In 2009, then-parent company Pinnacle Foods held a "first name contest" for the product, the winning name being "Joy".[5][6]

In 2019, she appeared along with an actor playing Colonel Sanders in a KFC commercial spoofing a scene from Ghost, promoting chicken and waffles using Mrs. Butterworth's syrup.

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