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Mrs. Dash Original Blend

Mrs. Dash is a brand name of seasoning marketed by B&G Foods.[1] The best known varieties of Mrs. Dash are granulated mixtures of dried herbs and spices which are sold in small plastic shaker bottles.

The product line was originally developed by Carol Bernick, now Executive Chairwoman of the company. In the 1980s while a marketing executive at the firm, she was frustrated with the products available to flavor the meals she prepared at home for her family. She invented a salt-free blend of her own to fill the need for a convenient way to flavor the food without using salt. The original formula, which was first marketed in 1981,[2] was developed with a variety of spice suppliers. Before settling on the name "Mrs. Dash," the company considered the name "Mrs. Pinch."

The brand was formerly owned by Alberto-Culver; following the merger with Unilever, it sold its food business to B&G Foods.

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