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Mrs. Freshley's
Wholly owned subsidiary
Industry packaged snack cake brands
Founded 1994
Headquarters Distributed by Flowers Foods, Inc.
Thomasville, Georgia
, United States
Products Dreamies, Fruit Pies, Pecan Twirls, Honeybuns, Buddy Bars, Swiss Rolls
Parent Flowers Foods

Mrs. Freshley's is a brand of snack cakes produced and distributed by Flowers Foods.[1] Varieties of this brand include Honeybuns, Pecan Twirls, Dreamies (similar to the Twinkie), Swiss Rolls, Peanut-butter Wafers (called Buddy Bars, similar to Nutty Bars), Brownies, Creme-filled Cookies, and many more.

Honeybuns were first invented by Howard Lee Griffin in Greensboro, NC. Griffin, a small bakery owner, originally made pies until he began experimenting with new recipes including the Honeybun. He developed the recipe in our family kitchen on Walker Ave. My father, Howard Lee Griffin sold his bakery, Griffin Baking Company to Flowers Bakery for a considerable amount of stock. That company continues to make the honey bun even today.

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