Mrs. Gibbons' Boys

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Mrs. Gibbons' Boys is a play by Joseph Stein and Will Glickman. The comedy centers on the mother of three delinquent boys.

Produced and directed by George Abbott, the Broadway production opened at the Music Box Theatre on May 4, 1949 and closed after five performances. The cast included Ray Walston.

The Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, Pennsylvania staged the play with Walter Matthau and William Windom as part of its Summer 1955 season.

Film adaptation[edit]

In 1962, Peter Blackmore and Max Varnel adapted it for a feature film. Mrs. Gibbons' Boys was released by the British Lion Film Corporation. The cast, directed by Arnel, included Kathleen Harrison, Lionel Jeffries, Diana Dors, David Lodge, Eric Pohlmann, and Milo O'Shea. On November 19th 1957, a production of the play opened at the Theatre Royal Windsor. It was directed by Hugh Goldie, with settings designed by Hal Henshaw.The cast was as follows -: Mary Kerridge [Myra Hood], Avice Landone [Mrs Mary Gibbons], Vivian Matalon [Rudy Gibbons], Malcolm Russell [Mr Rausch], David Kelly [Coles], Eric House [Lester MacMichaels], David Lander [Woodrow W. Grupp], Frederick Jaeger [Rodla Gibbons], Lee Montague [Francis X. Gibbons], George Margo [Ernie "Horse" Wagner], Muriel Ridley [Pearl].

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