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Mrs. Grass is a food brand used on noodles made by the TreeHouse Foods and a boxed soup manufactured by Wyler's (a subsidiary of Kraft Heinz).


Founder Mrs. Grass was born Sophie Dreifuss, in Baden, Germany. She married I.J. (Isaac Jerome) Grass and lived in Chicago, Illinois. Her dried soup mixes sold so well from her husband's delicatessen that she opened and operated her own noodle factory in downtown Chicago. During the 1950s, Mrs. Grass sponsored a Saturday morning children's radio program, featuring the space travel adventures of the hero "Super Noodle". Mrs. Grass was acquired by Borden in 1986. When Borden sold its food division in 2001, the soup was acquired by Heinz and noodles was acquired by American Italian Pasta Company.[1]

The death notice for Isaac Jerome can be found in the Suburbanite Economist in Chicago, IL. (13 Oct 1925)

The magic egg[edit]

Mrs. Grass soup was unique with its inclusion of a self-contained 'magic egg', which Wyler’s calls the Golden Flavor Nugget. The Golden Flavor Nugget dissolved as it boiled, releasing oils and chicken bouillon into the water.

To the dismay of many Mrs. Grass soup eaters, the "magic egg" was discontinued sometime around February 2016.

Novelty song musician The great Luke Ski has written and recorded a beat poetry-style song, "Ode To Mrs. Grass' Chicken Noodle Soup".


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