Mrs. Pepperpot

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Mrs. Pepperpot
Mrs. Pepperpot Stories book cover
First appearance1956
Created byAlf Prøysen

Mrs. Pepperpot (Norwegian: Teskjekjerringa, Swedish: Teskedsgumman, translation: the teaspoon lady or the teaspoon hag) is a fictional character in a series of children's books created by the Norwegian author Alf Prøysen.

The first book in the series was printed in 1956. The main character, Mrs. Pepperpot, is a little old lady who lives in a cottage in the countryside together with her husband, Mr. Pepperpot. Mrs. Pepperpot has a secret – she occasionally shrinks to the size of a pepperpot, but nevertheless always manages to cope with the tricky situations that she finds herself in, at least partially thanks to the fact that upon shrinking she also gains the ability to understand and talk to all animals.

Some of the Mrs Pepperpot stories are:

  • Little Old Mrs Pepperpot
  • Mrs Pepperpot and the Mechanical Doll
  • Mrs Pepperpot buys Macaroni
  • Queen of the Crows
  • Mrs Pepperpot at the Bazaar
  • Mr Puffblow's Hat
  • Miriam from America
  • Jumping Jack and his Friends
  • The Potato with Big Ideas
  • The Mice and the Christmas Tree
  • Never Take No for an Answer
  • Mr Learn-a-lot and the Singing Midges
  • Mrs Pepperpot to the Rescue
  • Mrs Pepperpot on the Warpath
  • The Nature Lesson
  • The Shoemaker's Doll
  • Mrs Pepperpot is Taken for a Witch
  • The Little Mouse Who was Very Clever
  • Mrs Pepperpot's Birthday
  • The Dancing Bees
  • How the King Learned to Eat Porridge
  • Mrs Pepperpot Turns Fortune-Teller
  • The Fairytale Boy
  • The Ski-Race
  • Mrs Pepperpot Again
  • Mrs Pepperpot and the Bilberries
  • Mrs Pepperpot Minds the Baby
  • Mrs Pepperpot's Penny Watchman
  • The Bad Luck Story
  • Mrs Pepperpot and the Moose
  • Mrs Pepperpot Finds a Hidden Treasure
  • Mr Pepperpot
  • The Ogres
  • The Good Luck Story
  • Mr Big Toe's Journey
  • A Concertina Concert
  • A Birthday Party in Topsy Turvy Town
  • Father Christmas and the Carpenter
  • Mrs Pepperpot in the Magic Wood
  • Mrs Pepperpot in the Puppet Show
  • Midsummer Eve with the Ogres
  • Mrs Pepperpot and the Baby Crow
  • Mrs Pepperpot Learns to Swim
  • Mrs Pepperpot Gives a Party
  • Sir Mark the Valiant
  • Mrs Pepperpot Turns Detective
  • Mrs Pepperpot and the Brooch Hunt
  • Mrs Pepperpot's Outing
  • Mrs Pepperpot has a Visitor from America
  • Gaby Gob gets a Letter from the King
  • Mrs Pepperpot and the Budgerigar
  • The New Year's Eve Adventure
  • Fate and Mrs Pepperpot
  • Mrs Pepperpot Helps Arne
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Easter Chicks
  • The Cuckoo
  • Midsummer Romance
  • Mrs Pepperpot and the Pedlar
  • The Moose Hunt
  • Mr Pepperpot and the Weather
  • Mrs Pepperpot in Hospital
  • Mrs Pepperpot's Christmas

Mrs. Pepperpot on TV[edit]

A successful Japanese anime television series adaptation of "Mrs. Pepperpot" called "Spoon Obasan" was produced by Studio Pierrot in the 1980s.