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Mrs. Universe
Formation2007; 17 years ago (2007)
TypeBeauty pageant
HeadquartersSofia, Bulgaria
  • Bulgaria
Official language

Mrs. Universe is an annual international event for "the most honorable married woman". The event is open to married, divorced, and widowed women from nations on all continents around the world, who are between the ages of 18 and 55, have a family and career, and are involved in a "significant cause".[1][2][3][4] It is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Year Country Mrs. Universe Location Entrants
2023  United States Meranie Gadiana Rahman Pasay City, Philippines 97
2022  Russia Elena Maksimova[5] Sofia, Bulgaria 112
2021  Georgia Ana Siradze[6] Seoul, South Korea 110
2020  Kazakhstan Zhuldyz Abdukarimova Virtual pageant 92
2019  Myanmar Honey Cho Guangzhou, China 90
2018  Monaco Julia Gershun Cebu, Philippines 85
2017  Vietnam Tram Hoang Luu Durban, South Africa[7] 78
2016  Austria Olga Torner Guangzhou, China 60
2015  Canada Ashley Callingbull-Burnham[8][9] Minsk, Belarus[10] 56
2014  United States Sabrina Pinion[11] Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 39
2013  Malaysia Carol Lee[12] Oranjestad, Aruba 24
2012  Colombia Layla Martínez[13] Rostov, Russia Unknown
2011  Venezuela Mayra Farias Pleven, Bulgaria Unknown
2010  Finland Jennika Hanusaari[14] Riga, Latvia Unknown
2009  Lithuania Vaida Ragénaite[15] Vilnius, Lithuania Unknown
2008  Latvia Marika Gederte[14] Riga, Latvia Unknown
2007  Bulgaria Eleonora Mancheva Sofia, Bulgaria Unknown


The Mrs. Universe organization was sued in 2010 by the Miss Universe organization for an alleged breach of trademark. The Mrs. pageant countered that "Universe" is a generic word, and pointed out that the Mrs. pageant is exclusively for married women while the Miss pageant is for unmarried women. The Mrs. organization opined that the lawsuit was part of a conspiracy by human traffickers to stop the pageant, because Mrs. Universe held an awareness campaign about human trafficking.[16] Five years after, the Miss Universe organization again threatened legal action against Mrs. Universe for breach of trademark. This came on the tails of comments made by the first Indigenous woman to ever win a Universe title, Ashley Callingbull-Burnham, when she criticized the Canadian government's lack of support of First Nations people.[17]

The Mrs. Universe pageant has continued to run despite this controversy, arguing that it is a pageant for married, divorced, and widowed women while the Miss Universe pageant was restricted to women who have never been married.[18] Beginning in 2023, however, the Miss Universe Organization will allow married or pregnant women to compete in the pageant.[19]

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