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Mrs Globe Australia
Mrs Globe Aust.jpg
Date28 October 2016
VenueFederation Square, Melbourne, Victoria
DirectorKylie Tsiaforgiannis & Sophie Gilinas
Entrants20 finalists
PlacementsLucia Hou, Nikki Eastmure, Danielle McAlpine Johnson, Hristina Risteski.[1]

Mrs. Australia Globe is an Australian national beauty pageant held annually open to women aged over 25[2] or who are married or parents. The pageant focuses not only on beauty but is heavily aligned with charity & philanthropy work. In 2015 more than 100[3] contestants from around the country competed with 12 participating in the final.[4] 4 titles were given at Federation Square for the pageant's 20th anniversary including Ms. Australia Globe, Ms. Australasia, People's Choice Ms. Coral Sea and international favourite from the 2015 world finals Mrs. Oceania.[1]

Celina Lazarus Mrs Australia Globe 2018

Mrs Globe Australia 2016[edit]

Pageant's Charity[edit]

An important requirement is that women are involved in charities, this is highlighted by the 2016 winners.

Ms. Australia Globe[edit]

Hristina Risteski[5] while not heavily involved in charity directly due to her strict job requirements regarding the third sector she continues to grow as a public figure and will ensure that women's rights are promoted through her career path.[1]

Mrs. Oceania[edit]

Danielle McAlpine Johnson runs not-for-profit organization CheekyMac Charities, [1] founded in 2010 with husband Chico Johnson. [6] Developing youth driven projects CheekyMac raise money for & work closely with a variety of orphanages, schools and churches around the world. They use the creative arts through music, film, stage and photography to raise awareness around issues such as bullying, unity, equality, community, body image and racism.[7]

Ms. Australasia[edit]

Nikki Eastmure[1] is dedicating her life to inspiring and empowering women to lead healthy and active lives through her passion project The Body Co. and assisted children through multiple organizations Charities, hospitals and orphanages. Her current mission is to promote a healthy body image for women and help the Butterfly Foundation[8] to help women and men who suffer from eating disorders.

Ms. Coral Sea and People's Choice[edit]

Lucia Hou celebrating her birthday with her sister Kim Michael- Ms Australia Globe Classic 2017

Lucia Hou a Melbourne photographer[2] is a Charity Partner of Bully Zero Australia, partner of the Australian Teenage Expo and Sonya and Sacha Show.[1]

2016 Results[edit]

Contestant Placement
Hristine Risteski Mrs. Globe Australia
Nikki Eastmure[1] Ms. Australasia
Danielle McAlpine Johnson[1] Mrs. Oceania
Lucia Hou[1][2] Ms. Coral Sea & Ms Choice of the People
Abbye Byrne[1] Finalist
Amanda Neophytou[1] Finalist
Amy Seton[1] Finalist
Caitlin Crichton[1] Finalist
Eloise Grace[1] Finalist
Floranteena James[1] Finalist
Jessica Anderson[1] Finalist
Jyselle Des Forges[1] Finalist
Martine Harris[1] Finalist
Mel Twyford[1] Finalist
Mishkita Reyez[1] Finalist
Neha Singh[1] Finalist
Nethalie Nicole[1] Finalist
Pareena Naggea[1] Finalist
Rachael Flood[1] Finalist
Samantha Monovski[1] Finalist


The Globe Organisation which runs the Mrs Globe pageant which is the biggest and most prestigious pageant for married women in the world[9] this also a modelling agency that has founded a charity that provides educational programs for women such as Woman in need foundation.[10] The finals for Mrs Globe were held in China, it involved participants from 70[1] countries.[11]The pageant is not only a celebration of beauty and culture, but has an important requirement is that women are involved in charities for women among others. In Australia it is currently directed by Kylie Tsiaforgiannis & Sophie Gilinas[1]

The 20 finalists of Mrs Australia Globe 2016 with directors Kylie Tsiaforgiannis & Sophie Gilinas at Federation Square

Pageant's 20th Anniversary[edit]

October 28 the Mrs Globe Australia 2016 pageant celebrated its 20th anniversary at Federation Square in Melbourne, 20 finalists took part and in December 11 the Mrs Globe international pageant's anniversary hosted by China in Hainan[2] with more than 70 delegates participating worldwide.[1]

Ms Australia Globe Titleholders[edit]

Year Name City
2008 Danielle Larche[10]  Melbourne
2009 Kylie Tsiafogiannis[12]  Melbourne
2010 Nikki Eastmure[13]  Melbourne
2011 Ngwee Fragiacomo[14]  Brisbane
2012 Karen Gee[15]  Sydney
2013 Kate Branch[4]  Sydney
2014 Becky Branca[16]  Melbourne
2015 Danielle McAlpine Johnson[11]  Melbourne
2016 Hristine Risteski[1]  Melbourne

Mrs Globe Australia Classic[edit]

Mrs Australia Globe Classic 2016 Wendy Mason at St Kilda beach photo by GG Studios and Harley Davidson by AA Custom Cycles

The Classic category of the Mrs Globe Australia pageant is for ladies around 50 years of age,[17] Wendy Mason the winner of the classic category in Australia represented her country competing in 2016 with 19 contestants who took part in the crowning for Mrs. Globe Classic in Las Vegas where she placed third[18] runner up.[19] Wendy is using the global stage to further her efforts for two of the charities she represents — the Bully Zero Australia Foundation and Women in Need Society.[20]

Mrs Globe Australia Classic Titleholders[edit]

Year Name City
2016 Wendy Mason  Melbourne

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