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For the radio character, see It's That Man Again.
Mrs Mopp
Title screen of Mrs Mopp
Developer(s) Tina Billett
Publisher(s) Computasolve (reissued by Atlantis)
Platform(s) ZX Spectrum 48K
Release 1983
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single player

Mrs Mopp is a 1983 arcade game developed by Tina Billett for the ZX Spectrum. It was originally issued by Computasolve[1][2] and later rereleased by Atlantis Software.[3][4]

The aim is to play a housewife, trying to keep her kitchen tidy against the best mess-making efforts of her family. As time passes, dirt, cups, glasses and clothes accumulate on the floor, blocking her progress around the kitchen. Mrs Mopp must pick up one of the appropriately coloured tools around the room (basket, tray or dustpan and brush) and use it to collect the mess. When Mrs Mopp flashes, the tool must be emptied into the appropriate part of the kitchen (washing machine, sink, or bin).

When Mrs Mopp gets tired, she can revive herself by having a swig of sherry, but care must be taken not to drink too much, or Mrs Mopp will become first tipsy (reversed controls), then drunk (random movement).


  • 69% Crash Magazine (Issue 1)


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