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Ms Sparky
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Type of site
Available inEnglish
Created byDebbie Crawford
Alexa rankNegative increase 3,449,873 (April 2014)[1]

Ms Sparky is a United States-based blog that focuses on news articles, opinions, and lawsuits regarding war contractors; primarily US contractors of the United States Department of Defense (DoD) working in Iraq and Afghanistan. The blog was started by Debbie Crawford, who worked in Iraq as an electrician for KBR, after hearing of a US Army soldier in Iraq who was electrocuted in a shower. Crawford's blog was noticed by a Senate staffer, who invited Crawford to testify at a Senate committee hearing in July 2008 on allegations of poor work by KBR in Iraq.[2]

Since that time, Crawford's blog has become the largest online repository of material and opinions on US contractor work in war zones. Her blog covers, in addition to work performance issues by DoD contractors, incidences of contractor misconduct including violent crimes and health and disability concerns by former contractor employees. Besides KBR, the blog focuses on other major contractors such as DynCorp, Fluor, and Triple Canopy.[3]


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