MsiK RNA motif

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msiK RNA motif
Consensus secondary structure of msiK RNAs
Symbol msiK RNA
Rfam RF01747
Other data
RNA type Cis-regulatory element
Domain(s) Actinobacteria

The msiK RNA motif describes a conserved RNA structure discovered using bioinformatics.[1] The RNA is always found in the presumed 5' untranslated regions of genes annotated as msiK, and is therefore hypothesized to be an RNA-based cis-regulatory element that regulates these genes.

MsiK, the protein encoded by msiK genes, is the ATPase subunit within certain ABC-type membrane transporter proteins. MsiK is thought to allow the import of multiple kinds of complex sugars.[2] Based on analysis of various experimental reports, it was suggested that msiK RNAs are probably not involved in sensing glucose themselves, but are more likely a part of a feedback inhibition process to regulate levels of the MsiK protein.[1]

The msi RNA motif is a hairpin with a conserved 11-nucleotide bulge (see secondary structure), as shown in the diagram. A Shine-Dalgarno sequence (predicted ribosome-binding site) overlaps a part of the msiK RNA. If msiK RNAs are cis-regulatory elements, they likely function by sequestering the ribosome-binding site, thus preventing gene translation.


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