Mt. Carmel Academy, Wichita Kansas

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Mt. Carmel Academy was a Catholic school erected in the late 1800s by William Henry Sternberg. Most of the complex was torn down in the 1970s by a commercial developer to build an apartment complex (Mt. Carmel Village) located at 3000 West Douglas in Wichita, Kansas.

The brick columns that flanked the front entry way are the only remnants of the original structure. They were moved to the southeast corner of the apartment complex to support the sign for the complex and remain to this day. Two large vacant grass lots and a wooded area remained until 2002 when it was rezoned and sold to build new single family homes. The acre wooded area behind the pool is all that remains of an area that held the ruins of many gardens, fountains and small structures. St. Joseph's Hall remained and was repurposed as a retirement home for elderly Nuns and Priests until the mid 1990s.