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Industry Telecommunications
Headquarters Lebanon
Area served
Parent Zain Group
Website Official website

On June 1, 2004, Zain (formerly known as MTC Group), was tendered a 4-year agreement by the Lebanese government to manage one of the country’s two existing mobile networks (Mobile Interim Company 2 – MIC2). In November 2004, the operation was branded as mtc touch, then as touch since June 2012. It remains today the sole subsidiary amongst 6 others not to be owned by Zain Group.

All of Touch’s employees are Lebanese. In November 2012, Touch launched 3G/HSPA+ service in the country meanwhile the company planned the construction of 50 sites that will provide 4G coverage.

Zain (formerly MTC) was founded in 1983. As of June 30, 2010, MTC Touch operates in eight Middle Eastern and African countries with a workforce of over 5,000; providing mobile voice and data services to over 34.2 million active individual and business customers.

On June 19, 2012, MTC Touch rebranded into “touch” and adopted a new corporate identity featuring a 3D touch print in turquoise. Touch is the leading company right now in Lebanon with over 2 million users.[citation needed] Touch's only competitor is Alfa telecommunications managed by Orascom telecommunications.[1] In late November, Touch and Alfa tested 4G LTE connection for a second time, and announced its launch in all Lebanon in early 2015. Touch has now released its 4G network in mobile devices. [needs update] MTC Touch and Alfa charge customers among the highest rates in the world. [2]

Touch sometimes encounter some problems with the signal, related to Return loss mainly on iPhone on the 3G network; which will cause the change of the carrier name from "touch" to "RL(return loss) MTC Lebanon" and then will change back to "touch" when the signal gets better.

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