Muñoz Gamero Peninsula

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Overview Map with Muñoz Gamero Peninsula.

Muñoz Gamero Peninsula (Spanish: Península Muñoz Gamero) is a peninsula in Chile. It is bordered on the west by the Smyth Channel and is connected to the Patagonia mainland by a narrow isthmus, which separates Skyring Sound from Seno Obstrucción. The peninsula consists of several smaller peninsulas jutting from its central land mass. Riesco Island was considered part of this peninsula until 1904.[1] The lake that occupies a significant part of its central portion was discovered in 1945.[1] The peninsula is home to Monte Burney and Gran Campo Nevado.

The peninsula is named after the governor of Magallanes Benjamín Muñoz Gamero.


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Coordinates: 52°32′S 73°13′W / 52.533°S 73.217°W / -52.533; -73.217