Muž Nula

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"Muž Nula"
A screenshot of the official music video
song by Marika Gombitová from the album Mince na dne fontán
Released 1983 (1983)
Genre Rock pop
Length 03:48
Label OPUS
Language Slovak
  • Ján Lauko
Music sample
Music video
"Muž Nula" on YouTube

Muž Nula (in English transcribed as "Clockwork Men") is a song by Marika Gombitová released on OPUS in 1983.[1]

The title composed by the artist herself, and accompanied with lyrics by Kamil Peteraj, was released as the pilot track to promote the singer's fourth solo studio album Mince na dne fontán. In 1984, its official music video won an Audience Choice award in the Slovak television video chart called 5xP.[2]

Official versions[edit]

  1. "Muž Nula" - Original version, 1983
  2. "Clockwork Men" - International version, 1983

Credits and personnel[edit]

  • Marika Gombitová - lead vocal, writer
  • Kamil Peteraj - lyrics
  • Ladislav Lučenič - bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, organ, piano, ARP Oddysey, Minimoog, vocoder, citare, drums, strings
  • Dušan Hájek - drums
  • Jozef Hanák - harmonique, sound director
  • Ján Lauko - producer
  • Ján Filo - sound director
  • Michal Ivanický - technical coordination
  • Igor Adamec - technical coordination



5xP, respectively Päť pekných pesničiek pre potešenie (English: Five Nice Songs For Pleasure) was one of the Slovak TV music programs, in which either artists, or upcomers themselves competed by presenting their songs. The show ran from 1983 to 1987, and the others popular (however, with no live audience) were Chose a Song (1967–76), The Ours 9 (1975–79), A Chance for the Talented (1976–83) and 6+1 (1979-83).[3] Gombitová won an Audience Choice award (1984).[2]

Year Nominated work Category Result
1984 "Muž Nula" Audience Choice Won

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