Mu1 Cancri

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For other uses, see Mu Cancri.
Mu1 Cancri
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Cancer
Right ascension 08h 06m 18.39s
Declination +22° 38′ 07.8″
Apparent magnitude (V) +5.96
Spectral type M3III
U−B color index  ?
B−V color index  ?
Variable type Mira
Radial velocity (Rv) +26.2 km/s
Proper motion (μ) RA: -7.43 mas/yr
Dec.: -9.03 mas/yr
Parallax (π) 5.21 ± 0.82 0.33 114? mas
Distance 561 ly
(172 pc)
Absolute magnitude (MV) ?
Other designations
9 Cancri, BL Cancri, HD 66875

Mu1 Cancri1 Cnc, μ1 Cancri) is a red giant star approximately 561 light-years away from the Solar System, in the constellation Cancer. The name Mu1 comes from the Bayer naming system: the "1" in the name is because (from Earth) it appears to be close to 10 Cancri (Mu² Cancri).

Mu1 Cancri is a variable star and was also given the variable-star designation BL Cancri. It is a slow irregular variable.

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