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Mu Performing Arts is a Minneapolis based theater group formed in 1992 by Rick Shiomi, Dong-il Lee, Diane Espaldon, and Martha Johnson.[1] It is composed of Theater Mu, which features stage performances and Mu Daiko, a taiko drumming ensemble. Currently the third largest Asian-American theater company in the United States,[2] the company is known for its fusion of Asian history and ideas with western.[citation needed] Many productions go beyond a static staged presentation and add elements of music, dance and dynamic storytelling; their shows are an artistic blending of various Asian cultures.[citation needed]

"Mu is the Korean pronunciation of the Chinese character Mu for the shaman-artist-warrior who connects the heavens and the earth through the tree of life." [2]

New Eyes is an annual playwriting festival which was started by Theater Mu in 1993. The goal was to find and encourage new Asian-American writers.[1]


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