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Map of Wallis Island showing the 3 districts:Mua is located in south
Map of Wallis Island showing the 3 districts:
Mua is located in south
Coordinates: 13°20′25″S 176°11′30″W / 13.34028°S 176.19167°W / -13.34028; -176.19167Coordinates: 13°20′25″S 176°11′30″W / 13.34028°S 176.19167°W / -13.34028; -176.19167
Country  France
Territory  Wallis and Futuna
Island Wallis
Chiefdom Uvea
Capital Mala'efo'ou
 • Total 26,3 km2 (102 sq mi)
Population (2008)
 • Total 3,265
Time zone UTC+12
No. of municipalities 10

Mua (also spelled Mu'a, Uvean for "first") is one of the 5 districts of Wallis and Futuna, located in Wallis Island, in the Pacific Ocean. It is part of the Chiefdom of Uvea.


Located in the southern side of the island, Mua borders with the districts of Hahake. Mala'efo'ou (formerly named Mu'a) is the administrative seat.

The district is divided into 10 municipal villages:[1]

Village Population
Utufua 736
Halalo 637
Vaimalau 529
Lavegahau 379
Teesi 284
Malaefoou 279
Gahi 271
Tepa 246
Haatofo 239
Kolopopo 176

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