Muar Trade Centre

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Muar Trade Centre
Pusat Dagangan Muar
ڤوست داڬڠن موار
Muar Trade Centre.jpg
Alternative namesMuar Trader's Hotel
General information
TypeOffice, Commercial and Hotel
LocationJalan Petrie / Jalan Maharani, Bandar Maharani, Muar, Johor, Malaysia
CoordinatesMaharani 2°02′46″N 102°33′48″E / 2.046187°N 102.563274°E / 2.046187; 102.563274Coordinates: Maharani 2°02′46″N 102°33′48″E / 2.046187°N 102.563274°E / 2.046187; 102.563274
OwnerDato' K.C. Lim
ManagementActitage Sdn Bhd
Technical details
Floor count11

Muar Trade Centre (Malay: Pusat Dagangan Muar; Jawi: ڤوست داڬڠن موار) (formerly Bangunan UMNO Muar-Pagoh) is a major landmark in Bandar Maharani, Muar District, Johor, Malaysia. As one of the earliest skyscrapers in the town houses a hotel and several commercial facilities.

It was actually planned and built by the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) Muar Division when former Menteri Besar of Johor Tan Sri Othman Saat was the division’s chief.[1] It was finished constructed and opened in the 1980-ties. The building was initially named as Bangunan UMNO Muar. But when the party division was split into Muar and Pagoh divisions following the new boundary re-delineation of Muar parliament constituency that had created the new Pagoh parliament constituency by the Election Commission of Malaysia (EC), the building was renamed as Bangunan UMNO Muar-Pagoh to indicate the inclusiveness of contribution and the ownership of both divisions in the building.

Initially when the highest building in Muar being opened, it was quite attractive and excitement to the peoples of Muar town. It housed the Bank Bumiputera Malaysia Berhad, a hotel, some commercial shop, an balcony lounge, a snooker center, a computer game center and a bowling alley. However gradually the building became inactive over the years and was dormant for many years after facing weak financial trouble and management problem before it was eventually repossessed and auctioned of by the bank.[2]

The building was atlast bought over in 2006 by a private company which renamed it Muar Trade Centre that house a new hotel, Muar Trader's Hotel in it, operated and managed by Actitage Sdn Bhd.[1]

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