Muara–Tutong Highway

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Muara–Tutong Highway
Malay: Lebuhraya Muara–Tutong
Route information
Part of
Major junctions
Northeast end: Muara
  Tungku Highway
Southwest end: Tutong
Villages: Jerudong, Berakas
Highway system
Brunei National Roads System

Muara–Tutong Highway, (Malay: Lebuhraya Muara–Tutong; Jawi: ليبوهراي توتوڠ-موارا)) is a major, inter-district highway in Brunei, and is the main road connecting the Brunei Muara and Tutong districts. It is sometimes referred to as the coastal highway due to it being mostly parallel to the coastline of Brunei.

Speed limits[edit]

The general speed limit for the entire stretch of the highway is 100 km/h. This limit is reduced to 70 km/h during a rain. Exceptions to this are:

  • The stretch from kilometre 32 to 34.7 has a speed limit of 70 km/h at all times.

Junction list[edit]

Intersection names are conjectural and unofficial. Kilometre readings are measured from Muara town centre, 2.4 km from the start of the highway.

  Concurrency terminus   Closed/Former   Incomplete access   Unopened

District County Location KM Intersection Destinations Remarks
Brunei-Muara Serasa Sabun 2.4 Muara R/O Jalan Muara: Muara, Serasa, Kota Batu, Tanah Jambu, Salambigar, Mentiri, Bandar Seri Begawan
Simpang 172 Jalan Muara
Meragang Simpang 240-86 Jalan Muara Southwest-bound only
3.8 Meragang Beach I/S Unnamed Road: Meragang Beach Northeast-bound only
Tanah Jambu 12.1 Tanah Jambu I/S Jalan Penghubung Tanah Jambu: Tanah Jambu Housing Estate, East Lambak Kiri Industrial Estate, Tanah Jambu, Salambigar Southwest-bound only
Berakas Lambak 15.1 Lambak Kanan I/S Jalan Penghubung Berakas: Lambak Kanan Housing & Industrial Estates, Salambigar, Tanah Jambu, Madang, Manggis, Brunei International Airport, Bandar Seri Begawan Has traffic lights
15.9 Lambak Kiri I/S Jalan Berakas: Lambak Kiri, Berakas Garrison, Terunjing, Rimba Housing Estate Has traffic lights
Rimba I/S Jalan Penghubung Rimba: Terunjing, Rimba Housing Estate, Rakyat Jati Housing Estate, Tungku Southwest-bound only
Berakas Reserve I/S Unnamed Road: Berakas Forest Reserve Northeast-bound only
Gadong Tungku Beach University I/S Unnamed Road: Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Institut Teknologi Brunei Southwest-bound only
24.3 Tungku I/C UK motorway symbol.svg Tungku Highway: Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Rimba, Tungku, Gadong, Brunei International Airport, Kiarong, Beribi, Bandar Seri Begawan
25.7 Tungku Beach I/S Unnamed Road: Tungku Beach Northeast-bound only
Sengkurong Jerudong 27.7 Jerudong East I/C Unnamed Road: The Empire Hotel & Country Club
28.5 Shahbandar 1 I/S Unnamed Road: Bukit Shahbandar Recreational Park Southwest-bound only
28.7 Shahbandar 2 I/S Unnamed Road: Bukit Shahbandar Observatory Southwest-bound only
29.6 Jerudong I/C Jalan Jerudong: Jerudong Beach, Jerudong, Sengkurong, Mulaut, Tanjung Bunut, Kuala Lurah, Lamunin Eastern terminus of concurrency
31.1 Jerudong West I/C Unnamed Road: Jerudong Park, Jerudong Park Medical Centre
Tutong Keriam Ikas Binturan 1 I/S Unnamed Road: Binturan Firing Range
Bukit Panggal 49.9 Bukit Panggal I/S Jalan Bukit Panggal (southwest-bound exit only): Bukit Panggal, Luagan Dudok, Sinaut, Lamunin
Jalan Bukit Panggal (northeast-bound exit only): Bukit Panggal
South section: southwest-bound route only;
north section: northeast-bound route only
50.8 Binturan 2 I/S Unnamed Road: Penanjong Garrison Enter to northeast-bound route only
Pekan Tutong Tanah Burok 55.6 Penanjong I/C Jalan Tutong: Keriam, Panchor Papan, Tutong, Luagan Dudok, Bukit Panggal, Sinaut, Lamunin
Jalan Penanjong: Penanjong, Binturan
Panchor Papan 57.0 Sungai Basong I/S Jalan Sungai Basong: Sungai Basong Recreational Park, Tutong Hospital, Panchor Papan, Tutong
Jalan Padang: Tutong Garrison
Has traffic lights
57.7 Sungai Besar I/S Jalan Sungai Besar: Tutong Hospital, Tutong Southwest-bound route only
Sengkarai Simpang 181 Muara–Tutong Highway Northeast-bound route only
59.1 Suran I/S Unnamed Road: Suran, Panchor Papan, Tutong Southwest-bound route only
60.6 Tutong I/S Jalan Tutong: Tutong, Keriam, Sinaut, Lamunin
Jalan Kuala Tutong: Sengkarai, Penabai, Kuala Tutong
Western terminus of concurrency
Continues as Tutong Bypass