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Mubariz Aghakerim oglu Ibrahimov
Grave of Mubariz Ibrahimov at the II Alley of Honor.jpg
Grave of Mubariz Ibrahimov at the II Alley of Honor in Baku
Native name Mübariz Ağakərim oğlu İbrahimov
Born (1988-02-07)February 7, 1988
Əliabad, Bilasuvar Rayon, Azerbaijan SSR
Died June 19, 2010(2010-06-19) (aged 22)
Çaylı, Tartar Rayon, Azerbaijan
Allegiance Republic of Azerbaijan
Years of service 2007–2010
Rank Warrant Officer
Commands held Aghdam Detachment
Battles/wars 2010 Mardakert skirmish
Awards National Hero of Azerbaijan (2010)

Mubariz Aghakerim oglu Ibrahimov (Azerbaijani: Mübariz Ağakərim oğlu İbrahimov) (February 7, 1988, Əliabad, Bilasuvar Rayon, Azerbaijan - June 19, 2010, Çaylı, Tartar Rayon, Azerbaijan) was an Azerbaijani Warrant Officer and National Hero of Azerbaijan.[1]

Early years[edit]

After completing his secondary education in 2005, Ibrahimov was drafted to Azerbaijani Armed Forces serving from 2006 through 2007. In September 2009, he entered the courses for warrants, after which he served in Naftalan.[2]


On June 19, Ibrahimov was killed in a shootout along the frontline between Azerbaijani and Armenian and Karabakh forces. Four Armenian soldiers also died in the shootout. The Azerbaijani government has attributed the deaths of the four Armenian soldiers to Ibrahimov, and have posthumously granted him the title of National Hero of Azerbaijan.[3] An Azerbaijani Defense Ministry press release said Mubariz Ibrahimov died while fighting back against Armenian soldiers in the Chayli village of the Terter region. The Armenian side took Ibrahimov's body and has not returned it." Armenia states Ibrahimov was shot dead in Armenian-controlled territory which proves the fighting was provoked by Azerbaijani forces.[4]


The body of Mubariz Ibrahimov remained under Armenian control for a few months. The spokesman of the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan Teymour Abdullayev alleged that "Armenia repeatedly claimed that the soldier's body is not in their hand and they even didn’t abstain to mislead the international organizations". On August 2, photos, which are claimed to be Ibrahimov's body, were placed on Internet by the Armenians".[5] Later the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church Karekin II asked the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan to return the body to Azerbaijan.[6] Finally the body was returned to Azerbaijan on November 6 following the agreement reached by presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Astrakhan in October 2010. Mubariz Ibrahimov was buried at the second Alley of Honors in Baku. The funeral was attended by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.[7][8]


On July 22, 2010 President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree that conferred Ibrahimov with the status of national hero. The Cabinet of Ministers is empowered to ensure the naming of one of the secondary schools of Bilesuvar after Mubariz Ibrahimov and the executive powers of Bilesuvar are empowered to ensure the naming of one of the streets after Mubariz Ibrahimov.[9] A documentary about his life was also proposed by MP Ganira Pashayeva.[10] On 15 June 2011, a four-meter tall granite statue of Mubariz Ibrahimov sponsored by Central Bank of Azerbaijan was unveiled in front of school named after him.[11][12]

An armada class tanker in Turkey also bears his name.[13][14]

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