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Mubasher Lucman
Native name مبشر لقمان
Born 11 January 1963
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistan
Education Lahore Grammar School,
Occupation News Anchor and Journalist
Children 2

Mubasher Lucman is a Pakistani Film director, Script Writer, Book Writer, column writer and Investigative journalist. He currently works at Samaa TV, where he hosts a talk show on current affairs, titled 'Khara Sach'.[1]

Family, Education and Career[edit]

Mubasher Lucman comes from a strong military family. He had four brothers, two died very young and the other two were in the army and he's the last remaining child of his parents. His father died when he was five and was bought up by his mother, who passed away in May 2017. Mubasher Lucman is a proud father of two children Fajar Lucman (Daughter) and Mustafa Lucman (Son).

Mubasher Lucman received early education from his hometown and then got admission into Aitchison College, Lahore. After completing his Intermediate education from the college, Mubasher Lucman continued his studies and got admission into Government College Lahore. During his time as a student, Mubasher Lucman had proved himself as a dedicated and talented student.

In Mubasher's youth, he gained recognition for his theatre plays. He cited and directed a number of productions. In his early career, his first job was at the (then) Lahore Hilton (now Avari) when he had just started in Government College Lahore he had joined as a life guard which included cleaning pool toilet areas and collecting dirty linen. Later, Mubasher Lucman joined an advertising agency as a Copy Writer. He had worked in the advertising industry of Pakistan for several years and proved his skills through his script for the advertisement of top local and multinational brands of Pakistan including Coca-Cola, Nestle and many others as well. After this, Mubasher Lucman had setup a production company of his own which developed software and content for television channels of Pakistan. Mubasher Lucman had also worked in the corporate field in key positions like WorldCall Group, ARY Digital, NTM (First Private Television Network of Pakistan), PAKTEL and others as well.

Mubasher Lucman then produced and directed a film Pehla Pehla Pyar in 2006, starring Resham and Ali Tabish.

Mubasher Lucman then set course for his career in journalism starting from the channel Business Plus as a host. During his first experience on the television screen, Mubasher Lucman had covered many socio-economic and political problems of Pakistan. Due to his brilliant stance on several important issues of the country, he then joined the popular and one of the biggest media group of Pakistan, Express News as a host with the programme Point Blank and then later moved to Dunya News and started to host a programme Khari Baat Lucman Ke Sath. However he resigned in June 2012 after Malik Riaz Controversy. He then joined ARY News hosting Khara Sach, through which he exposed corruption and lies of multiple politicians. Khara Sach was banned by PEMRA due to Mubasher's outspoken words, but in the end Mubasher won the case. As for ARY not airing the video of MQM leader Altaf Hussain which had hidden truths, Mubasher also resigned from there. Mubasher then joined BOL TV the newly launched TV channel with his programme Meri Jang for a short while from where the channel was shut down due to PEMRA serving the notice to the news channel. After a while Mubasher then joined Channel 24 With Khara Sach[2] and now has moved to joined Samaa TV continuing with his programme Khara Sach with Mubasher Lucman.

Notable Work[edit]

Mubasher Lucman coordinated Lady Diana's first visit to Pakistan for the relaunch ceremony of Paktel, the brand he was handling back then. Her visit for Shaukat Khanum was her second visit. He is also one of the pioneers of launching ARY news! he has launched many channels the last one was BOL TV network. Mubasher Lucman has also modelled and walked the ramp for Bridal Couture Hum Sitaary. Mubasher Lucman was also announced Pakistan's 2nd most influential man in 2017 by the BRANDS magazine. Little do people know that Hollywood star Faran Tahir, Irsa Ghazi, Khahlida Riyasat, Jamil Bismal and many more have acted under the direction of Mubasher Lucman in his early youth when he was at theatre. Mubasher Lucman in 2007 was also appointed as Caretaker Provincial Minister for Communication and Works.

Book Author[edit]

Mubasher Lucman wrote a book Titled Khara Sach Baba Ji Ke Naam which was a Best Seller. This book is based on the famous quote of Balzac behind every good fortune there is a crime. This book reveals the facts about famous business tycoons a book which is a first of its kind being a media investigative report about the Pakistan media, including Geo Network and its owners, namely Mir Shakeel ur Rahman (the renowned Babajee) & Mir Ibrahim and their own book of dark deeds and under the table deals and Mubasher Lucman's first hand experiences with Baba Ji.

Charity Work[edit]

Mubasher has helped raise funds for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital by singing a song to save a life. First song Mubasher sang was with Aima Baig "Summer Wine", leading Aima Baig to a huge success and now a Lux Style Award Winner. Mubasher's second release was First of May ft. Zara Haider.

Mubasher Lucman has also opened a modern fully equipped Dialysis Centre non-profitable, which he doesn't like to take credit for. He also takes part in a lot more unannounced charity work.


Mubasher has won numerous awards, below are some of many awards:

1) Agahi Award[3][4]

2) Rumi Award

3) Sitara-e-Imtiaz

4) PFUJ - Struggle for freedom Award

Hobbies and Interests[edit]

Mubasher Lucman is an excellent cricketer and has played gloriously at professional level and was in Under-19. He has also played Squash at the Punjab Level when Pakistan had some of the finest players in the world. Mubasher Lucman has been around the world and enjoys exploring new places and their cultures. He is also a certified pilot and flies his own Prop Plane. In Addition, he has done extensive hours on speed boats and heavy bikes.


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