Mucho Muchacho

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Mucho Muchacho
7 Notas 7 Colores - 33195108071.jpg
Mucho Muchacho in 2017
Background information
Birth name Oliver Gallego Sarmiento
Also known as Mucho, Mucho Mu
Origin Barcelona, Spain
Genres Hardcore hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper
Years active Rapper: 1992 – present
Associated acts DJ Vadim, 7 Notas 7 Colores,

Mucho Muchacho, also called Mucho Mu, is the pseudonym of Oliver Gallego Sarmiento, MC of Barcelona born in 1976, member of the group 7 Notas 7 Colores and that founded on 2003 the musical seal C.R.E.A.M., under which it published his only LP in solitaire like MC, Chulería.


The group began its professional trajectory together to MC Make forming Eat Meat in 1992, with as first scale model published his "Un audiodocumental de..." Eat Meat, as it was winning in the aid of Rockdelux.

7 Notas 7 Colores Formed initially by Dive, DJ Neas, Eloy and Mucho Muchacho, the group is reduced al pair formed by Mucho Muchacho (MC), and Dive Dibosso (producer), accompanied by DJ Neas in the concerts. After publishing the first disc, Hecho, es simple (1997), Neas left the group, whilst Eddy la Sombra entered as an MC. Later, DJ Vadim became their DJ and producer. In 2000 7 Notas 7 Colores release a new album titled 77, with good sales, being the first hip hop group to enter the AFYVE lists. They founded their own record company, La Mami International, and released a new album, with the same name. In 2002 the group split up. Nevertheless, in 2007 Mucho Muchacho announced the return of 7 Notas 7 Colores, with a renewed formation. Aside from Mucho Muchacho and DJ Vadim enters the formation Principiante, a Valencian MC.

Mucho Muchacho appeared the 2000 film Asphalt.

Solo Career His first and only solo LP as MC was Chulería, a full album of collaborations that features, among others, Tony Touch a famous producer, DJ and Puerto Rican MC Ray Roll and newcomers like Masstone. In 2006 first reference like producer publishes his, one mixtape titled The Hip-Hop Institute Vol. 1.

Mucho Mu is currently working as a DJ in Ibiza, and performs hip hop at gigs that he himself organises. His main contact with the scene is through its Web in MySpace, from which he publishes his new productions and contacts with other artists.


With 7 Notas 7 Colores

  • La Comunidad Del Guisante (scale model, 1993)
  • Floriver Neas (scale model, 1994)
  • Con esos ojitos/Puercos (Yo Gano, 1997)
  • Hecho es simple (La Madre-Superego, 1997)
  • La Medicina (La Madre-Superego, 1998)
  • 77 (La Madre-Superego, 1999)
  • Gorilas y Bananas (La Madre-Superego, 1999)
  • La Mami Internacional (La Madre, 2000)
  • Yo vivo (La Madre, 2002)
  • "Panoja" (2008)

In solitaire

  • Será mejor feat. Tony Touch (Maxi single) (C.R.E.A.M., 2002)
  • Amor y plata" (maxi single) (CREAM, 2002)
  • Chulería" (LP) (CREAM, 2003)
  • The Hip-Hop Institute Vol. 1" (Mixtape) (2006)

With Cookin Bananas

Cookin' Bananas - Aquí Te Pillo, Aquí Temazo (2011)

  • Cookin Bananas (2013)