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Alphonse Gheux, Wallonian piper

The muchosa is a type of bagpipe dating back to the late 13th century in Hainaut, Belgium and northern France, where it is known as the pipasso.[1][2]

The muchosa has a chanter with a conical bore and double reed, pitched to B-flat.[1] It has two single-reed drones.[1] The treble drone is placed in a common stock with the chanter, and the bass drone is placed further back in its own stock, a feature common to other the musette style of bagpipe in central and northern France.[1]

Notable Players[edit]

  • Rémy Dubois
  • Olle Geris
  • Jean-Pierre Van Hees, Professor baroque musette & bagpipe at LUCA Muziek - Campus Lemmens[3]
  • Denis Laoureux
  • Peter De Baets
  • Bernard Vanderheyden
  • Rémi Decker
  • Jean Cayron

Not only are there various individual players, a group of muchosa players founded "The Confrèrie des Muchards de Saint-Druon", a collective with the aim to promote this traditional instrument and make it sound again.


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