Mucky Duck Bush Band

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Mucky Duck Bush Band
Mucky Duck poster 1978 Tour.jpg
1978 Nor'west Folk Tours poster
Background information
Origin Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Genres Bush band, Australian country music, Australian folk music
Years active 1974 - 2016
Labels Pocket Universe
Members Don Blue, John Perry, Erik Kowarski
Past members Stan Hastings, Greg Hastings, Val Hastings, David Browne, Roy Abbott, Roger Montgomery, John Angliss

Mucky Duck Bush Band, often called Mucky Duck, is a Western Australian Australian folk and country music band or bush band formed in 1973 and still very much active today, in Perth and Western Australia.[1] The band was founded by Stan Hastings, who ran the folk club The Stables in Northbridge, and his son Greg Hastings. They turned professional in 1978, touring around Western Australia.

In 1982 they performed a musical Moondyne Joe (about the bushranger of that name) at the Regal Theatre in Subiaco.[2][3]

The group had a changing lineup over the years and in 2003 it was revealed that English writers had claimed their lineup had included Lord Lucan.[4]

Photo of  Mucky Duck Bush Band at CD/Book Launch, Fairbrdge Festival, April 26 2014. L-R: John Perry, Don Blue, erik Kowarski
Mucky Duck Bush Band at CD/Book Launch, Fairbrdge Festival, April 26 2014. L-R: John Perry, Don Blue, Erik Kowarski

Mucky Duck's current lineup is Don Blue (guitar, whistle, vocals), John Perry (bass, vocals) and Erik Kowarski (fiddle, guitar, vocals). For some performances they are joined by Bob Emery (mandolin, guitar, vocals).

Discography and works[edit]


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