Mudan River

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The Hurka River on a German 1891 map

The Mudan River (Chinese: 牡丹江; pinyin: Mǔdānjiāng; IPA: [mù.tán.tɕjáŋ]; Manchu: Mudan bira.png Mudan Bira) is a river in Heilongjiang province in China. It is a right tributary of the Sungari River.

Its modern Chinese name can be translated as the "Peony River". In the past it was also known as the Hurka or Hurha River (Chinese: 瑚爾哈; pinyin: Hú'ěrhā; [xǔ.àɚ.xá]).

The river flows into Lake Jingpo, and then continues north, flowing by Ning'an and Mudanjiang City (which is named after the river), then into Lianhua Reservoir before falling into the Sungari River at Yilan (formerly known as Sanxing).

Coordinates: 46°19′13″N 129°32′13″E / 46.32028°N 129.53694°E / 46.32028; 129.53694