Muddy Mountains

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Muddy Mountains
Muddy Peak, second highest summit of the Muddy Mountains
Highest point
Peak Muddy Summit
Elevation 1,657 m (5,436 ft)
Coordinates 36°17′55″N 114°42′51″W / 36.29861°N 114.71417°W / 36.29861; -114.71417
Muddy Mountains is located in Nevada
Muddy Mountains
Muddy Mountains
location of Muddy Mountains in Nevada [1]
Country United States
State Nevada
District Clark County
Range coordinates 36°23′33.908″N 114°39′0.960″W / 36.39275222°N 114.65026667°W / 36.39275222; -114.65026667Coordinates: 36°23′33.908″N 114°39′0.960″W / 36.39275222°N 114.65026667°W / 36.39275222; -114.65026667
Topo map USGS Piute Point

The Muddy Mountains are a mountain range in Clark County, Nevada.[1]

The Muddy Mountains surround a north section of Bitter Spring Valley, which also lies at the northwest perimeter of the Black Mountains, lying on a north shore of an east-west section of Lake Mead.


Cross bedding in Aztec Sandstone, Muddy Mountains Wilderness Area
Muddy Mountains seen from the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada