Muddy Waters (video game)

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Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters logo.png
Developer(s)Project community
Platform(s)Platform independent
Genre(s)Historical fantasy MUD

Muddy Waters, frequently abbreviated MW, is a long-running MUD, a text-based online role-playing game, founded in 1993. It has received positive critical response.[1]

Game characteristics[edit]

A screenshot of the Muddy Waters login sequence

The setting of Muddy Waters is a "historical fantasy environment".[2] Player characters may be of the human, elf, dwarf, gnome, orc, or hobbit races.[2]

A distinctive feature of the game is its book of character histories, which contains the name and description of every character generated on the MUD.[1]

Muddy Waters supports a gameinfo command at its initial login screen to help new players orient themselves.[2][1]


The character creation process of Muddy Waters has been called "particularly poetic",[1] and was used as an example "fairly typical for all MUDs" in Internet Agents: Spiders, Wanderers, Brokers, and Bots.[3]

Technical infrastructure[edit]

Muddy Waters is an LPMud[3][1] based on the CD gamedriver and mudlib.[4]


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