Muddywater River

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Muddywater River
Country  Alberta  Canada
Physical characteristics
Main source Morkill Pass
1,648 m (5,407 ft)
53°40′54″N 119°46′09″W / 53.68167°N 119.76917°W / 53.68167; -119.76917
River mouth Smoky River
1,048 m (3,438 ft)
53°46′34″N 119°20′56″W / 53.77611°N 119.34889°W / 53.77611; -119.34889Coordinates: 53°46′34″N 119°20′56″W / 53.77611°N 119.34889°W / 53.77611; -119.34889

The Muddywater River is an early tributary of the Smoky River. It forms in the Canadian Rockies, within Willmore Wilderness Park, in the province of Alberta, north of Jasper National Park. The Muddywater forms at Morkill Pass, on the Continental Divide between Alberta and British Columbia.

It flows north and west, collecting runoff from Mount Forgent, Mount Sprague, and Llama Mountain before flowing into the Smoky River above Grande Cache, Alberta.[1] The river's name is descriptive.[2]

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