Mueang Nong Khai District

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Mueang Nong Khai
Amphoe location in Nong Khai Province
Amphoe location in Nong Khai Province
Coordinates: 17°52′48″N 102°44′30″E / 17.88000°N 102.74167°E / 17.88000; 102.74167Coordinates: 17°52′48″N 102°44′30″E / 17.88000°N 102.74167°E / 17.88000; 102.74167
Country  Thailand
Province Nong Khai
Seat Nong Kom Ko
 • Total 607.5 km2 (234.6 sq mi)
Population (2008)
 • Total 145,153
 • Density 235.1/km2 (609/sq mi)
Time zone THA (UTC+7)
Postal code 43000
Geocode 4301

Mueang Nong Khai (Thai: เมืองหนองคาย) is the capital district (Amphoe Mueang) of Nong Khai Province, northeastern Thailand.


Neighboring districts are (from the east clockwise) Phon Phisai of Nong Khai Province, Phen of Udon Thani Province, Sa Khrai and Tha Bo of Nong Khai Province again. To the north across the Mekong river is the Laotian province Vientiane prefecture.


The district is subdivided into 16 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 181 villages (muban). The town (thesaban mueang) Nong Khai covers the tambon Nai Mueang, Michai and parts of the tambon Pho Chai, Khun Wan, Hat Kham, Nong Kom Ko and Mueang Mi. There are two subdistrict municipalities (thesaban tambon) - Nong Song Hong covers parts of tambon Khai Bok Wan, and Wiang Khuk covers parts of the same-named tambon. There are further 14 Tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

No. Name Thai Villages Inh.[1]
01. Nai Mueang ในเมือง 17 19,866
02. Mi Chai มีชัย 09 06,679
03. Pho Chai โพธิ์ชัย 12 15,152
04. Kuan Wan กวนวัน 07 05,458
05. Wiang Khuk เวียงคุก 08 06,274
06. Wat That วัดธาตุ 14 09,271
07. Hat Kham หาดคำ 16 15,692
08. Hin Ngom หินโงม 08 04,197
09. Ban Duea บ้านเดื่อ 16 07,183
10. Khai Bok Wan ค่ายบกหวาน 16 13,924
11. Phon Sawang[2] โพนสว่าง 10 06,004
13. Phra That Bang Phuan พระธาตุบังพวน 14 10,647
16. Nong Kom Ko หนองกอมเกาะ 12 11,005
17. Pa Kho ปะโค 07 05,927
18. Mueang Mi เมืองหมี 07 04,384
19. Si Kai สีกาย 08 03,490

Missing numbers are tambon which now form the district Sakhrai.


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