Mueang Rayong District

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Mueang Rayong
Amphoe location in Rayong Province
Amphoe location in Rayong Province
Coordinates: 12°40′6″N 101°16′30″E / 12.66833°N 101.27500°E / 12.66833; 101.27500Coordinates: 12°40′6″N 101°16′30″E / 12.66833°N 101.27500°E / 12.66833; 101.27500
Country Thailand
Province Rayong
Seat Tha Pradu
 • Total 514.5 km2 (198.6 sq mi)
Population (2008)
 • Total 229,657
 • Density 410.3/km2 (1,063/sq mi)
Time zone ICT (UTC+7)
Postal code 21000
Geocode 2101

Mueang Rayong (Thai: เมืองระยอง, pronounced [mɯ̄a̯ŋ rā.jɔ̄ːŋ]) is the capital district (amphoe mueang) of Rayong Province, Thailand. The provincial administration is in Tambon Map Ta Phut.


Neighboring districts are (from the west clockwise) Ban Chang, Nikhom Phatthana, Ban Khai, Wang Chan, and Klaeng. To the south is the Gulf of Thailand. The popular holiday island of Ko Samet, which is part of the Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samet National Park, is in Mueang Rayong District.


The town of Map Ta Phut is in the western part of Mueang Rayong District. It is the site of the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Thailand's largest petrochemical and heavy industry park. It contributes to Rayong Province's outstanding economic output, but has also become known for scandals involving hazardous waste, industrial accidents, and pollution.


Originally named Mueang, the district was renamed after its central sub-district Tha Pradu (ท่าประดู่) in 1917. [1] In 1938 it was renamed "Mueang Rayong".[2]


The district is divided into 15 sub-districts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 86 villages (muban). Rayong is a city (thesaban nakhon) which covers the tambons Tha Pradu and Pak Nam and parts of tambons Choeng Noen and Noen Phra. The town (thesaban mueang) Map Ta Phut covers the whole tambon Map Ta Phut and Huai Pong, parts of Noen Phra and Thap Ma and also parts of tambon Mapkha of neighboring Nikhom Phatthana District. There are a further two sub-district municipalities (thesaban tambon). Klaeng Kachet covers parts of the tambon Klaeng and Kachet, and Ban Phe parts of tambon Phe. The remaining areas of the sub-districts Noen Phra and Thap Ma as well as the whole Nam Khok are also each a sub-district municipality. The other eight sub-districts each have a tambon administrative organization (TAO).

No. Name Thai Villages Pop.[3]
01. Tha Pradu ท่าประดู่ - 20,661
02. Choeng Noen เชิงเนิน 07 41,429
03. Taphong ตะพง 16 17,964
04. Pak Nam ปากน้ำ - 08,843
05. Phe เพ 07 18,129
06. Klaeng แกลง 07 11,094
07. Ban Laeng บ้านแลง 07 06,676
08. Na Ta Khwan นาตาขวัญ 06 06,293
09. Noen Phra เนินพระ 07 29,659
10. Kachet กะเฉด 10 07,056
11. Thap Ma ทับมา 08 18,187
12. Nam Khok น้ำคอก 04 04,450
13. Huai Pong ห้วยโป่ง 01 14,280
14. Map Ta Phut มาบตาพุด 01 19,746
15. Samnak Thong สำนักทอง 05 05,190

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