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Mufakose is the totem of the [Hwata] Shona people of central Zimbabwe who settled in the Mazoe valley in the early nineteenth century. Three brothers,murderers or killers Shayachimwe Mukombami, Nyakudya Chiweshe and Gutsa left their ancestral lands under Nyashanu in Buhera after committing chipini . After settling down in the Harare-Mazoe area, Hwata Shayachimwe Mukombami abandoned his father's chidawo (praise name) of Museyanwa after being afraid of being killed, and adopted the praise name Mufakose. All descendants of Hwata dynasty are called Shava, Hwata Mufakose.

A suburb in Harare, Zimbabwe,called Mufakose is named after the Hwata dynasty. It is also known as "mufombi".

Mufakose is also the name of a constituency of the Parliament of Zimbabwe, that encompasses the suburb of that name. The modern Hwata people from Guruve are now living in diaspora. The Mundowa family (2011) and many others can trace their lineage to Hwata Shayachimwe Mukombamwi. The Chiripanyanga clan, whose families include the Marufu family, Chikuya, Muringai and Dzengeza families are split between Guruve and Chiweshe and trace their lineage to Bungu, son of Shayachimwe. Muringayi/Muringai clan is also found in Mhondoro under chief Nyamweda (shava mufakose)