Muffakham Jah

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Prince Muffakham Jah
Born (1939-02-27) 27 February 1939 (age 78)
Hilafet Palace, Nice, France
Spouse Esin Incealemdaroglu
Issue Rafat Jah, Nawab Mir Rafa'at Ali Khan
Farhat Jah, Nawab Mir Farhat Ali Khan
Full name
Mir Karamat Ali Khan Siddiqi Bayafendi Bahadur
House House of Asaf Jah
Father Azam Jah
Mother Princess Durru Shehvar

Nawab Walashan Mir Karamath Ali Khan Siddiqi Bayafendi Bahadur Muffakham Jah, HH Prince, was born to Azam Jah and Durru Shehvar in 1939. He belongs to the Nizam family of Hyderabad.

A popular Engineering College, Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology, is named after him, as he donated the vast piece of land for educational purpose to "Sultan-ul-Uloom Educational Society".

He is married to Princess Esin of Turkey and has 2 sons.

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