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Muffin Break
Product typeCoffee
MarketsAustralia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, India

Muffin Break is a franchise business of Foodco which operates small bakery cafe coffee shops throughout the UK, Australia, New Zealand and India.[1][2] The company has its roots in Canada, and had a store in Vancouver which closed in September 2016, Situated on W 4th Ave and Alma Street. The last owner was proud of her recipes which were original Muffin Break recipes, they had a defined flavor compared to muffins served in Australia and New Zealand. The Vancouver store also sported an outdated look compared to Australia and New Zealand's revamped appearance. The Vancouver store owner gave out free pieces of cake on her final day as a thank you to customers for their loyalty throughout the years.

As of 2013, Muffin Break had 275 stores worldwide: 190 in Australia, 37 in New Zealand, 2 in India and 46 in the United Kingdom,[3] with a further two opening in the UK in 2014. Muffin Break is the sister company of Jamaica Blue, which is also a franchise of Foodco.[4]


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