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Location of Kasempa in Zambia

Mufumbwe is a town of Mufumbwe District in the North-Western Province of Zambia. It is located at 13°41'0S 24°48'0E with an altitude of 1069 metres (3510 feet).[1]


13°41′0″S 24°48′0″E / 13.68333°S 24.80000°E / -13.68333; 24.80000Coordinates: 13°41′0″S 24°48′0″E / 13.68333°S 24.80000°E / -13.68333; 24.80000

The main economic activity of the town is Agriculture with most of the population being involved in small scale farming. The main crop grown in the area is maize. Most households in Mufumbwe maintain a year round stock of maize which they use to make maize meal. The maize meal "Buunga" in Kikaonde the main Language of the Town is the staple food in Mufumbwe.