Mug Travel

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Mug Travel
Mug Travel film poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed by Lim Ah-ron
Produced by Lori Forte
Christopher Gypte
Angi Dyste
Written by Mark Lawson
Based on Bernard
Starring Marie Fagundo
Sly Johnsn
Music by John Powell
Theme by:Bruce Broughton
Cinematography Nicky Hinkley
Edited by Lee Phillips
Jonathan Birkett
David Barry
Simon Cruse
Distributed by RG Animation Studios
Release date
  • 22 March 2007 (2007-03-22)
Running time
76 minutes
Country South Korea
United States
Language Korean
Box office $608,835

Mug Travel (Hangul빼꼼의 머그잔 여행; RRPpaekkom-ui meogeu-jan yeohaeng, known as My Friend Bernard in English) is a 2007 South Korean computer-animated film, directed by Lim Ah-ron and based on his animated TV series, Bernard.


A little girl named Bebe, all alone on Christmas Eve, is given a magical pendant from Santa Claus and embarks on a fantastical adventure. Travelling in a mug with the power of teleportation, Bebe explores a variety of exotic locations from the desert to the North Pole, accompanied by a host of characters including Backkom the polar bear and Konkongee the penguin.


Produced by RG Animation Studios and directed by Lim Ah-ron, Mug Travel is a feature film adaptation of Lim's computer-animated TV series Backkom.[1][2] The film and TV series were made at the same time on a combined budget of $5.9 million, after Lim noticed a gap in the market for shows aimed at preschool children.[1]


Mug Travel was released in South Korea on 22 March 2007,[3] and was ranked eighth at the Korean box office on its opening weekend with 48,244 admissions.[4] Over the course of its theatrical run, the film accumulated a total of 135,261 admissions nationwide,[3] and grossed $608,835.[5]

Mug Travel was screened at the Fifth Bimini Animation Festival, held in Latvia in March 2007, where it was the winner of "The Best Film for Children" award.[2] It was subsequebtly selected to participate in the non-competition category at the Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film, which ran from 5–17 April 2007 in Belgium.[6]

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