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Mugaiyur is one of the block in Viluppuram District, Tamil Nadu, India.


The name Mugaiyur means mugai (bud) + oor (a small settlement or village). The story goes like this: the ruler of Tirukoilur, Malayaman Thirumudikkaari used to get flower buds from this village for pujas performed in the temple in Tirukoilur. Still there are evidences which suggest there had been a 'Poonthottam'(Flower Garden) from which buds had been sent to the Temple.


Mugaiyur is one of the earlier Christian Missionary foot-holds in Northern Tamil Nadu. It has a 125-year-old church whose patron saint is St.Xavier. Demographically the Christian population of Mugaiyur is slightly higher than that of the Hindus. This parish has given a large number of priests and nuns, many of whom are now in European countries engaged in missionary activities. The parish is also known as Mugaiyur Mahimai Matha Shrine. Some 25 years back after the apparition of Our Lady, the parish became famous for the miraculous, powerful and immediate intercession of Mugaiyur Mahimai Matha. People of all religions throng to pray to her and continue to receive many benefits. The present parish priest is Fr. Roy Arokiadoss who was appointed in June, 2010. Mugaiyur is also a center of learning. It has a century old elementary school that was started in 1908. There is also St.Xavier's Higher Secondary school for boys at Inigo Nagar. St. Joseph's girls primary school, St. Joseph's Girls Higher Secondary School and St.Joseph's Matriculation school are run by the sisters of St. Louis de Gonzague.

In Tamil Nadu history the erstwhile Mugaiyur assembly constituency,it is said, is the constituency from which Mr. Govindasamy ( a former Minister in the DMK regime) was elected to the state assembly as the first member who contested with the 'rising sun' (udhaya suriyan)symbol. Only recently the Mugaiyur assembly constituency had been clubbed into the Tirukoilur constituency.


Mugaiyur assembly constituency is part of Tindivanam (Lok Sabha constituency).[1]

The first Women Panchayat president Mrs.P.Arul Mary elected on March 2007. A.Pushpa Nathan (yesu) lourduMary was a first women councillor since (2006-2011)


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Coordinates: 11°58′N 79°19′E / 11.967°N 79.317°E / 11.967; 79.317