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Mugaritz entrance.jpg
Restaurant information
ChefAndoni Luis Aduriz
Rating2 Michelin stars
Street addressOtzazulueta Baserria
Aldura Aldea 20
Coordinates43°16′19″N 1°55′01″W / 43.272°N 1.917°W / 43.272; -1.917Coordinates: 43°16′19″N 1°55′01″W / 43.272°N 1.917°W / 43.272; -1.917

Mugaritz is a well-known restaurant in Rentería, Guipúzcoa (Spain), which opened in March 1998 under the management of Chef Andoni Aduriz. It is considered one of the world's best restaurants since 2006 according to Restaurant Magazine and has been recently been ranked fourth in this toplist.


The restaurant is recognized by the press as "the most important gastronomic phenomenon of the world in recent times".[citation needed] Both Mugaritz and Andoni Luis Aduriz frequently show up on pages of media like "Omnivore", "Le Figaro" in France, "Brutus", "Cuisine Kingdom" in Japan, "The Trade" and "Republic" in Latin America and the U.S. "Time" or "The Observer ". Mugaritz earned his first Michelin star in 2000 and, five years later, in 2005, the Michelin Guide awarded him a second one.[1] The restaurant has also the highest rating by the Repsol Guide, the Three “Soles” and a multitude of honors for his innovative and creative activity in gastronomy.


On the morning of February 15, 2010[2] a short circuit caused a serious fire in Mugaritz's kitchen, so the restaurant was closed for four months. After the fire, the team received thousands of expressions of solidarity from around the world,[3] which gave them strength to go ahead with the project.



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