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Town of Lahore
Mughalpura is located in Pakistan
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 31°33.8′N 74°22.8′E / 31.5633°N 74.3800°E / 31.5633; 74.3800Coordinates: 31°33.8′N 74°22.8′E / 31.5633°N 74.3800°E / 31.5633; 74.3800
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Lahore District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Postal Code 54840
Area code(s) 42368

Mughalpura (Urdu: مغلپورہ‎) is a town in Lahore district located in the old city of Lahore. 19 km from Pakistan-India Border. Mughalpura gets its name from the Great Mughal Empires of United India and most of the local roads are named after Mughal Emperors.[citation needed]


Mughalpura is located in the eastern part of Lahore neighbouring Lahore Cantonment in the South, Baghbanpura in North, Dharampura in West and Harbanspura in the East along the famous Lahore Canal.

Main places[edit]

Irrigation Workshop[edit]

Mughalpura Irrigation Workshop, Lahore Division works under the Punjab Irrigation Department. Parts e.g. Canal / River Gates are manufactured here. This was one of the most effected places when Shalimar Interchange / Mughalpura Flyover was built because a lot of land was acquired from this workshop to widen the roads.[1][not in citation given]

Shalimar Interchange / Mughalpura Flyover[edit]

This interchange and flyover was inaugurated by the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in January, 2010. The 3-tier interchange was developed by FWO. It has a 1.6 km long flyover and 2.2 km long underpass.[2]


There are a lot of private hospitals / clinics in Mughalpura but few of the main hospitals are Shalamar Hospital,[3] Railways Hospital, Al Ehsan Welfare Eye / Gyny Hospital[4] and Society Hospital.[5]

Fast Food[edit]

Nearest fast-food chain restaurants are AFC (Lalpul)[6][not in citation given] and KFC (G.T. Road, Singhpura).[7]


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