Mughan Soviet Republic

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Mughan Soviet Republic

Muğan Sovet Respublikası
Муганская Советская Республика
Flag of Mughan
Common languagesRussian, Azerbaijani
GovernmentSoviet republic
• Chairman of the Board
D. D. Chirkin
• Political Commissar of the Revolutionary Military Council
T.I. Ulyantsev-Otradnev
Historical eraRussian Civil War
• Established
15 May 1919
• Disestablished
June 1919
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Azerbaijan Democratic Republic
Provisional Military Dictatorship of Mughan
Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

The Mughan Soviet Republic was a short-lived pro-Bolshevik state that existed in present-day southeastern Azerbaijan from March to June 1919. It was founded in opposition to the Musavatist Azerbaijani Government in Baku.

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