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Chungbuk Line Mugunghwa Train.jpg
Chungbuk Line Mugunghwa train.
Korean name
Hangul 무궁화
Hanja 無窮花
Revised Romanization Mugunghwaho
McCune–Reischauer Mugunghwaho

The Mugunghwa-ho or Mugunghwa is a class of train operated by Korail, the railroad of South Korea. Mugunghwa trains are the cheapest class of trains to operate cross-country. Along rural lines such as the Gyeongbuk Line, they remain the only class of passenger train operating. They (and in some cases the Tonggeun) are the only trains to stop at many stations not served by Saemaul-ho or KTX trains. Mugunghwa are built to accommodate large numbers of standing passengers, and frequently have many more standees than sitting passengers.

The Mugunghwa-ho takes its name from the mugunghwa, the national flower of South Korea.


  • Long-length Mugunghwa-ho Passenger Car
  • Streamlined Mugunghwa-ho Passenger Car
  • Refurbished Diesel Car (aka "RDC")
  • New Diesel Car (not on service)
  • Diesel Excellent Car (not on service)

On service[edit]

These lines have regular Mugunghwa-ho trains:



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