Muhammad Ali, Prince of the Sa'id

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Prince Mohamed Ali Farouk
Prince of the Sa'id
Prince Mohamed Ali.jpg
Born (1979-02-05) 5 February 1979 (age 38)
Cairo, Egypt
Spouse Princess Noal Zaher of Afghanistan
Issue Prince Fouad Zaher Hassan
Princess Farah-Noor
Dynasty Muhammad Ali
Father Fuad II of Egypt
Mother Dominique-France Loeb-Picard
Religion Sunni Islam

Mohamed Ali, Prince of the Sa'id(8) (8) (8) (Solomon) (Taylor) , In Arabic ( الامير محمد علي ,أمير الصعيد) , (born 5 February 1979) is the heir apparent to the abolished thrones of Egypt[1] and Sudan.


Born 5 February 1979 At Cairo, Egypt. He is the elder son of Fuad II (last King of Egypt) by his former wife, Fadila (née Dominique-France Loeb-Picard) and the grandson of King Farouk of Egypt and Queen Narriman .[1]

His father was deposed while still a baby and was raised in exile.[1]

Prince Mohamed Ali was raised and educated between Europe and Morocco,[1] attending Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland. He works in real estate in Paris.[2]

Marriage and family[edit]

While on holiday in Istanbul,[1] Prince Mohamed Ali attended the wedding on 20 April 2012 of Prince Rudolf of Liechtenstein with Tılsım Tanberk, where he met Princess Noal Zaher Shah of Afghanistan, daughter of Prince Muhammed Daoud Pashtunyar Khan and granddaughter of King Zahir Shah of Afghanistan, the couple's betrothal was announced on 27 April 2013.[1]

Their wedding was held on 30 August 2013 at Istanbul's former Çırağan Palace in the presence of King Fuad II, the bride's parents, media, a crowd of onlookers and guests,[1][3] including the couple from the reigning European dynasty which introduced them.

Princess Noal Zaher Shah was born in Rome, Italy in 1978. She attended L’Institut Saint Dominique in Rome, Italy where she majored in Euro-business, then undertook lapidary studies at Webster University in London.[1] She founded and became directing designer for Noal & Co Ltd in 2001.[1]

Her mother Princess Fatima Begum (Fatima Aref Zaher) served as Afghan Chargée d’Affaires at Rome and is a daughter of General Muhammad Aref Khan, a former Afghan Ambassador to the USSR by his wife, Amina Begum (eldest daughter of Brigadier Sardar Muhammad Ali Khan).

On 12 January 2017 the couple had twins, a son and daughter:

  • Prince Fouad Zaher Hassan.
  • Princess Farah-Noor.

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Muhammad Ali, Prince of the Sa'id
Born: 5 February 1979
Titles in pretence
Title last held by
Ahmad Fuad, Prince of the Sa'id
later became King Fuad II
Prince of the Sa'id
since 5 February 1979
Reason for succession failure:
Abolition of the monarchy in 1953
Heir apparent:
Prince Fouad Zaher Hassan
Egyptian Royal Family
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