Muhammad Arif Balgamwala

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Muhammad Arif Balgamwala is a Pakistani philatelist and businessman. In 2000, he became the first ever Pakistani to win a gold medal at a FIP world stamp exhibition, Espana 2000 in Madrid, Spain.[1]


Balgamwala is an active member of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI). He had been a member of its Managing Committee as well as Chairman of the Diplomatic Affairs Sub-Committee.[2] He was recently elected Chairman of Pakistan Chemicals and Dyes Merchants Association (PCDMA).[2]


Balgamwala has been involved at various levels of philately, both within and outside the country. He has served as Vice President (Sindh) in the Philatelic Federation of Pakistan; treasurer, Stamp Society of Pakistan and chairman, Philatelic & Numismatic Society of Pakistan.[3] He is also Pakistan's delegate to the FIP Commission on Aerophilately.[4]

Stamp design[edit]

In 2009, he designed the Rs. 4 Stamp for the 75th Anniversary of the Karachi Chamber and Commerce Industry Building (1934–2009).[5]



  • Balgamwala, M. A Pakistan Overprints 1947-1949. Karachi:self published 2000.


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